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Tag - italy

Spread the Love: Ecouterre

People we love

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of Eco-Fashion, look no further than Ecouterre, Charmone’s favorite site for eco fashion news, top designers and inspiration. Ecouterre is devoted to the future of sustainable fashion design. They…


Whether you think life is short or long, enjoy the ride!

People we Love: Amour Vert

People we love

“With every stitch a purpose” – Amour Vert Charmone love, likes and adores Amour Vert. Amour Vert means ‘Green Love’ in French, but it also means American manufacturing, non-toxic dyes, sustainable fibers, innovative fabrics, a zero waste design…

Thursday Throwback: 2006

Charmone in the news

Charmone Bluebonnet shoes on the runway at Paris’s Ethical Fashion Show!

Share the Joy: Ethical Box

People we love

Look great in worry-free clothes. Ethical Box works towards creating a place to buy fashion that you can be proud to wear without compromising on style. Join us and don’t miss out on this wonderful site full of…

Thursday Throwback:

Charmone in the news

Charmone ad from 2008 featuring the Marco Polo shoe in Graphite

Dream Closet: February 13, 2015

Dream closet

I was always taught you wore brown or black, not both. And I was taught wrong! This outfit blends warm and cool tones perfectly, and Charmone’s Jodi in Tobacco has the right balance of tough and pretty to…

Throwback Thursday: Ode to Esprit

Design Inspiration, People we love

The first pair of shoes I remember truly loving were silver, flat sling backs from Esprit. God I loved Esprit! I was in 8th grade and Esprit symbolized everything I wanted to be- cool, French, inspired, lighthearted and…