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Dream closet: November 28, 2015

Dream closet

So glad it’s the weekend! –  

People we love: Goldie

People we love

Encompassing culture, art and design, GOLDIE fights to change the fashion industry by offering transparency, insight, and suggestions to help people lead a more ethical, fashionable lifestyle. Check it out for the latest ethical fashion designers, artists and…

Don’t ruin play with perfectionism.

Design Inspiration, Dream closet, Ethical Fashion

I went to Paris again earlier this year, and it was a bit of a surprise trip. This time it was with a friend that had never been to Paris, let alone out of the country. Seeing it through…

Paris Trip #3: life gets real

Design Inspiration, Ethical Fashion

The last few days I wrote about my first 2 magical trips to Paris. I wouldn’t return until 6 years after the Ethical Fashion Show. Life changed dramatically during those years. In one year (2008), nearly all of…

The second time I saw Paris- Dreams come true

Charmone in the news, Design Inspiration, Eco & Vegan Beauty, Ethical Fashion

Yesterday I wrote about my first trip to Paris. I was incredibly fortunate to return just 1.5 years later, this time with both of my parents and under truly amazing circumstances. I was there to watch Charmone shoes…

The first time I saw Paris…

Design Inspiration, Eco & Vegan Beauty, Ethical Fashion

This week’s blog is dedicated to the city of Paris and its people. The first time I went to Paris, I cried when I had to leave. Now, it was January and I was going home to San…

Dream Closet: November 13, 2015

Dream closet

Fridays are for knocking your obstacles down. –